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Tutorial best of the best admin bengkel cargo lift center


I. instilled in YOU:

Say within yourself "I WAS ABLE IN EVERY WAY"
Convince yourself "I WANT AND CAN DOING THINGS"
Always mengahapi any decree anything quietly.
Do not FORGET THE SCIENCE OF KNOWLEDGE and you already obtained dibangku SCHOOL OR COURSE or other Waupun was only slight. Point No. 4. This is very important, it will help you to be able to follow the flow of questions. for example: if questions about the food, Try to expand your mind when thinking of food problems (what to eat, what good to eat, how to choose foods, how to keep it in good condition, why choose foods that).
Instill in you to master all Type: type workhorse, type do not like to give up, always type WANT TO LEARN to be, the type of workers who are always neat job and work files, and strive to always meticulous in his work. (Especially for accuracy must be learned and practiced in daily life slowly)

II. Read and also practice speaking (albeit in front of a mirror and practice stringing words). It really helps you to be able to arrange the words he spoke.
III. KEEP HEALTH TO KEEP FIT. It's very easy, eat in moderation and do not overdo it, when I'm fasting try to appear cheerful during the interview.
IV. Dandan neat as possible but not with excessive makeup OR excessive display.


     Trying to stay polite and keep a smile politely at the interview.
     Keep your legs straight and bent parallel but do not look stiff.
     Both palms together, and may occasionally raised not too high when the talk that is not too stiff, but not too often, this is when the interview was conducted by using a table.
     When the interview with chairs but no table alone, usakan both feet remain sejar and bent but do not look stiff, palms can be put together and placed on two feet, and hands occasionally be raised too high not explain.
     The views remain focussed on the future, do not often look down, if accidental eye collided with giving an interview, do not look too sharp.
     Stay relax and stay organized with breath properly when a lengthy interview.


SORRY .... may use the word, to open OR begin to answer the question, or if for any questions that do not understand. for example: SORRY IF YOU KNOW .... OR MAY BE SORRY IF YOU ASK ... OR SORRY to my knowledge, .... (ACCORDING TO QUESTION) ..ADALAH ...
Giver interview at the company sometimes there are two sources, using outsourcing services (the second) or directly from employees of companies directly, a. IF INTERVIEW CONDUCTED BY THE COMPANY DIRECT, how the above can be implemented all. b. WHEN USING OUTSOURCING SERVICES, depends on the position, to a position that does not require special skills that's not much of a problem. BUT when it requires specialized skills, it takes way more special, more importantly, how can we convince them that we are able to work and occupy positions offered. Usually the interviewer of outsourcing at the peak of the test will provide tertanyaan associated with A CASE, living the way our courage to respond and ensure that the way we solve problems profitable for the company.
If you are lured to a trick question because it is humane, KEEP focused and make sure the giver interview, that you must answer and answer siding company profitable company. for example: IF There are questions about their request by the employee salary increases because there is an increase in fuel prices, how ?. To answer, make sure you keep your answer is certainly favoring companies with information that could make sense, such as Must see financial order company, or a company's ability ... or with a trick answer, as follows .... salary be increased after the condition of the company completely stable after a rise in fuel prices, and the increase was also to be adjusted ability of the company and that increase can be done gradually ... as the development of the company. Answers can you find yourself "Assure BOTTOM LINE IS THAT YOU CAN BENEFIT COMPANY"
Questions regarding the requested SALARY IN THE INTERVIEW (for penglaman middle and lower). If the form fields: then fill in the salary amount generally correspond to the standard of your area and the type of work offered to you. BUT when questions directly in the interview: Alternative answers it can be used as follows: "Actually salary, for me is No. 2, but more important for me that I could work in this company and helps the company to be more forward again with the skills I have, ... I believe the company has a standard salary is good considering the position and the position offered ".
QUESTIONS ABOUT WORK EXPERIENCE. It also affects the acceptance of the work in an interview. IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY HAVE EXPERIENCE WORKING, Tip answer is to try to convey as if already have experience in working. for example as follows: "I have never worked in a big company, but during my spare time trying to find additional money by berjualan..A..atau ... B, you can add to with a little of how it works can be assured. If you ever works although only one week, try to convey information as if you work more than a month with a little give and a description of work that you mix with your other knowledge.
QUESTIONS ABOUT THE "WHY DO YOU WORK OUT OF THE PAST" For this answer pilhlah answers that will add to your sympathy, rather than discredit your own. For example, "Tell them that excuse out the work that you want to improve your skills, and try to combine work experience with the new one from the positive side, to help advance the proposed new company.


Choose a job by combining desires and your background, or at least not too far off the mark with your education or experience. This is important because the selectors, it will first connect your background with the available vacancies.
- Note to remember, DO NOT send your application to the address or working position is less clear, it will be worth it, because you will lose money, although it was only in the form of postage and paper to make the proposal, pity is not it?.
Smart in choosing the type of job offered, if less obvious or dubious job offer, should not we continue to apply for the job. Vital Records :
- Prioritizing applying for a job that is offered for information relative or friend, so that the addresses and types of work are clear.
- If the job information of the newspaper, should find the type of job that is mentioned address Definitely not to PO BOX. but for those of you who have experienced or are working in a particular company, the address PO box you can choose, but COMPANY NAME and the type of work must be clearly stated in the vacancy.
- If the application of the Exchange of work, you should also have to be careful, because now a lot of job fairs that offer work by paying a certain amount of money to pay ADMINISTRATIVE reason to see the existing vacancies. (Sorry, should be avoided or do not apply to such places BURSA WORK UNLESS truly free not to pay anything without exception).
- If the vacancy by direct interview, but in the interview, requires you to purchase goods used as samples or ask you to come spend money for investment, should not proceed to apply for and ask your cover letter, because it can be used to apply elsewhere.
Expand read neighbor technical knowledge or inquire with a friend who already works, about what type of work and how work. This will help you to open a wide path your mind in describing and explaining a job.

Please follow the following techniques and tips so that you create a job application to get the point Specialty

Write a job application with your writing the most beautiful, neat and legible. It is very significant, not least the reader will be interested to read its contents.
Should draw up an application into 3 Paragraphs (appetizer, Contents and Cover), each separated by a space.

OPENING (Paragraph 1): You can tell the source of the information you obtain a job and choose words that attract the sympathy of readers since this is an important part as the beginning of words read. For example: "Based on information from ......, That the company that Mr / Mrs require employees / i for a post as ..., because feel able to fill the position / positions and will always try hard, I look forward to help promote companies that father / mother led.
ISI (Paragraph 2): You can write down anything that you attach. Example: Herewith I enclose a copy ............
CLOSING (Paragraph 3): In this section should be in bubuhi expectations, and respect. Example: I hope to be accepted to work in this company / Mr or Mrs lead.

MAKE curriculum vitae (CVs) TECHNIQUES AND TIPS:


Should highlight your skills that others such as Special Diploma. With a record you must be prepared to provide an overview sejelasnya if there are questions, if necessary, look for readings that can help you describe your ability that you should convey that experience can be from A ..., B..atau C, although this is just the trick alone.
If and do not have a Diploma Course but could ande bit computer or a foreign language, it is still not to forget to write in the history list.
If you do not have a point Plus, or just rely on the value of the fit-fit's, do not be discouraged, there are tricks and Special tip that can help you:
- You have to convince yourself that you are capable and can begin working with the same quality or better than other people who have never worked.
- Answer each question politely and firmly, this will be a special appeal about yourself.
- Pray and believe that God created us definitely one package by providing a windfall to us.

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